Spruce was created with the intention of helping people find the best products in the beauty, health & wellness markets. We sift through the brands and products that are saturating ads and reviews, and bring them to you in an easy to browse and organized format.

Our method is straightforward: gather high quality products & brands, at the best prices, and share them with you.

How do we do this?


  • Research: We start by looking for what you’re looking for. What products are trending in the beauty industry? What new natural treatments are available for skincare or hair health? Then we start to methodically filter through the oversaturated market in these categories and find the best of the best for you.


  • Process: At Spruce, we always put integrity first. Our product lists are selected based on what is popular, what is high quality, and what is going to be worth your money.


  • Maintenance: We wouldn’t be giving you the best if we weren’t frequently updating our beauty and self care product review lists, blog posts, and content in general. Spruce is about keeping things neat and fresh- so we don’t want to be sending you last years best.

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