While some people like Tina Fey and Seal are known for their intriguing scars, not everyone wants to wear their scar like a badge of honor. You may think that the only way to get rid of a scar permanently is to visit a dermatologist. But, in many cases, that simply isn’t necessary. Instead, using the best scar cream on the market can make a huge difference.

This is especially if you’re worried that scar removal from a dermatologist may be painful. Whether you scar cream to help with an older scar or you’re searching for the best scar cream after surgery, we can help.

Keep reading to learn our top 13 picks for the best scar removal cream available today.

13 Best Scar Cream Reviews 2018

Let’s dive right into this! We’ve got the best products for you to choose from all in one easy to browse place. We’ve highlighted all the important features of each of the best scar cream options, as well as given you some applications and benefits that should help you narrow down your options.

1. Mederma

Best Scar Cream With SPF Protection

Best Scar Cream With SPF Protection

What’s most interesting about Mederma as a scar removal cream is that the primary ingredient is onion. The extract from onion is called Allium Cepa which helps aid in healing scars. Mederma contains no mercury, which is a great benefit as many other skin care products contain. Mercury is no friend to your skin or your health.


  • For new scars, apply Mederma three times a day for up to eight weeks. Apply gently to your skin.
  • For older scars, you can apply Mederma three times per day for up to three to six months.

Whether it’s an old or new scar, make sure during the application process that it’s soaked fully into your skin.

2. Scar Away Scar Repair Gel

scar away repair gel

What makes Scar Away Scar Repair Gel so great is that it dries within minutes. Then it forms a protective sheet over the area. The gel helps to flatten and soften your scars while reducing redness and/or discoloration. And it provides relief from itching and pain. This is the best scar cream if you are sensitive to the odors some creams give off- as this one is odorless.

Who Is It For?

Scar Away is also perfect for people of all ages and it works well for people with skin sensitivities. You can even apply it to remove acne scars as a night cream because it’s 100% breathable. You can also apply makeup over the gel.

However, the gel doesn’t dry as quickly as it promises. Add in an extra 10-20 minutes into your schedule when applying this so it has enough time to dry, especially during your morning routine.

3. Scarguard MD

Best Scar Cream after Surgery

Best Scar Cream after Surgery

Scarguard MD is some of the best scar removal cream you can buy, especially after an injury or surgery. But even if you have older raised scars, this scar removal cream works really well. It’s a clear liquid that is nearly invisible making it perfect for anyone treating scars on their face. You can even conceal it by wearing makeup.


Many plastic surgeons and dermatologist recommend Scarguard MD as the best scar cream after surgery. This cream uses an sg5 technology the company has patented along with vitamin E and other commonly used scar removal ingredients.

It’s recommended you use Scarguard MD from anywhere between two and six months.

4. Celsus Bio Scar Cream

Best Scar Cream for Long Term Results

Best Scar Cream for Long Term Results

Celsus Bio Scar Cream is great for treating both scars and stretch marks. This bio-intelligent cream is made from 20 different ingredients. Many of them are activated once applied to your skin. Between Tamanu, Helichrysum, MSM, and CoQ10 there are also several other ingredients that help treat aging and act as moisturizers. Since the ingredients are natural, your pores won’t clog.

Anyone can use this scar cream and there’s even a 100%, no questions asked refund policy. The only issue is that if you’re looking for a quick remedy to treat your scars, this product will disappoint you. Instead, for best results, you’ll need to continue using this product for several months. However, users will tell you it’s worth the wait.

5. Scar Removal Cream by Revitol

Best Scar Removal Cream for Acne

Best Scar Removal Cream for Acne

Revitol makes a scar removal cream that’s very popular with people trying to heal acne scars. However, it also works great for scars due to injuries or surgeries. This scar cream uses a variety of natural ingredients to help remove scars. As a result, the smell is rather distinctive and if you apply this cream to a fresh scar, it may sting a bit.

Using Revitol

You can apply Revitol scar removal cream two to three times per day. For most scars, one jar should clear it up but if the scars are deep, you may need more than one jar.

6. Evanesce Advanced Scar and Blemish

Best Scar Fading Cream

Best Scar Fading Cream

Evanesce is a great scar removal cream for both old and new scars. And this product doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals that can cause more damage to your scars, but rather it relies on natural extracts like aloe vera, white curcumin, and kelp. Best of all, Evanesce even works to remove stretch marks as well.

Buyers beware that the cream has a brownish color which doesn’t appeal to everyone. You may also find the clumpy consistency a bit odd as well, especially if you’re trying to apply makeup on top of the cream. For best results, apply the cream twice daily.

7. DermaSafe

Best Scar Cream for Stretch Marks

Best Scar Cream for Stretch Marks

DermaSafe has created some of the best scar removal cream out there and it also works on stretch marks. It’s also non-greasy, sticky, or even goopy. With organic ingredients like cucumber, aloe, and Wood Mallow, it boosts your skin’s moisture. These ingredients also help aid in your skin’s natural repair process.

More Info

While there is a subtle scent with this scar cream, it does wear off as soon as it’s fully absorbed into the skin. Use DermaSafe twice daily for best results.

8. Kelo-Cote

Best Scar Healing Cream

Best Scar Healing Cream

Kelo-Cote is known in many circles as the best scar healing cream. One reason is that it helps alleviate the awful itching you feel when healing from a wound. While itching is normal, it makes people want to scratch which then can damage your scar. And as it soothes your skin, it also repairs your skin. Kelo-Cote uses 100% silicone to achieve these results.

Keep in mind this scar removal cream may not work quickly. For best results, apply twice a day. Older or more serious scars may take longer to heal.

9. bioCorneum Advanced Scar Supervision

bioCorneum Advanced Scar Supervision

bioCorneum plus SPF 30 is an FDA cleared scar treatment. It’s also a silicone-based scar treatment solution. This product is made to soften and flatten your scars while reducing redness and any discoloration. You’ll also find it helps to relieve itching and other discomforts you may feel while your scar is healing.

However, this may irritate your eye and cause redness. Be careful if you need to apply this product near your eyes.

10. Scar Zone Advanced Cream

Best Scar Removal Cream with Moisturizer

Best Scar Removal Cream with Moisturizer

Scar Zone is known as a manufacturer of great skin care products. This one is no exception. Scar Zone is a great scar cream to use for old and new scars but you can also use it to treat acne, burns, and even stretch marks. Included in its ingredients are silicone and assorted moisturizers.

The price is definitely on the lower end but you also won’t find a ton of testimonials found on Amazon.

11. ZenMed Skin Eraser Kit

Best Scar Cream & Skin Care

ZenMed Skin Eraser is a kit rather than just a scar removal cream so it acts a little differently than other types of creams we’re talking about in this article. The Renewing Dermabrasion Complex is made from a mineral-heavy clay that helps remove old layers of skin.

The result is faster exfoliation which allows your skin to more readily absorb the nutrients of the scar cream.

Plethora of Solutions

The Skincorrect serum is used to treat dark spots and sun damage. You can actually use this scar cream to help treat dark spots, sun damage, rosacea, and even fight the aging process. Unlike most other creams, you only apply this once at night for five days. Then you rest your skin for another five.

Read directions carefully before using.

12. InviCible Scars Scar Cream

InviCible Scars Scar Cream

InviCible Scars Scar Cream is known as the best scar cream to help you fade scars and helps you cover any affected areas until your scars are fully treated. This product contains natural ingredients like silicone and vitamin C.

You can wear makeup to help cover up your scar while using this product. It’s also a great acne removal cream.


For best results, apply InviCible Scars Scar Cream at least twice daily consistently for 12 weeks and use an SPF for added protection and maximum results.

13. Selevax Scar Cream

Selevax Scar Cream

Selevax Scar Cream is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for delaying the aging process of skin but it also helps to heal scars.

Selevax relies on ingredients like Rosehip Seed oil, shea butter, Sunflower oil, and vitamins E and C to help with scar removal. But it also contains dimethicone and glycerin which help to soften and moisturize your skin. These ingredients will also make your scars less noticeable.

What to Expect

This scar cream also works great to treat acne scars. You should start to see results in about three weeks. This product works well with new and old scars.

Tips for Best Scar Cream Results

best scar cream

  • Never apply scar cream if the wound hasn’t yet healed unless the cream states that it’s safe to do so. If the wound is serious, see a doctor to help prevent an infection.
  • Avoid exposing your scars to direct sunlight. Direct exposure to UV rays can make scars look worse.
  • The older your scar is, the longer it will take to remove your scar. Have some patience and continue to use the product.
  • Always read the instructions before you begin using any type of scar removal cream. For best results, apply at least twice a day preferably in the morning and prior to going to bed at night.
  • To treat facial acne scars with a scar removal cream, wash your face and apply moisturizer before applying the scar cream.