Toiletry bags are an essential item to have on-hand to help you stay organized, and finding the best toiletry bag can make a huge difference for your beauty routines and travel. It makes your life much easier to have a toiletry bag ready to go when you need it than to have to buy one last minute. Not to mention, it’s nice knowing you can count on a good quality bag to keep up with your lifestyle rather than having to replace yours all the time.

How do you find the right one, though? By using the buying guide below to help you pick out the best toiletry bag for you!

10 Best Toiletry Bag Reviews

Maybe you already have a toiletry bag but it’s just not what you expected. Maybe you have so many things you need that you’re running around with two or three separate bags to hold everything you need!

It’s time to make things more simple for yourself. The following is a list of the ten best toiletry bag options for men and women to use every day or on the road.

1. AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit

Best Toiletry Bag for Traveling Minimally

Best Toiletry Bag for Traveling Minimally

Since you’re probably going to order your toiletry bag from Amazon anyway, it makes sense to see what AmazonBasics has to offer. Their Hanging Toiletry Kit is simple, chic, and possibly just what you need. It comes with multiple storage areas to make organization super simple and it has a slim design. This bag won’t take up too much space whether you’re adding it to your carry on or slipping it inside of your gym bag.

The neutral black design gives it a unisex look, which puts it among the best travel toiletry options for couples who like to share things like toothpaste and hair care.

2. Hankcles Travel Cosmetics Bag

Runner Up: Best Travel Toiletry Bag Womens

Best Travel Toiletry Bag Womens

For the ladies who would like their travel bag to look cute and stand out, the Hankcles Travel Cosmetics Bag could be just what you’re looking for. The bold design makes it easy to find in even the biggest of suitcases and hard to forget when you’re headed home.

It has a lunchbox feel to it and many zippers to open different-sized compartments. The handle at the top is for you to hold onto and to use as a hanger. If you prefer to just set your stuff on the counter, you can rely on the waterproof nylon to keep all your items safe and dry.

3. Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer

Best Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Best Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

It’s no secret Vera Bradley knows how to put a super cute spin on everyday items like lunchboxes, duffle bags, and, yes, toiletry bags. The brand’s line of hanging organizers will make your toiletries look more like accessories than personal care necessities! Vera Bradley makes the best hanging toiletry bag on the market.

The fabric comes in all kinds of adorable patterns and the whole thing is machine washable in case a spill does occur. There are pockets all over the inside to hold and organize everything you need while on the go. But, it’s not waterproof so keep it out of a splash’s reach from the sink or shower.

4. Hokeeper Hanging Toiletry Bag

Best Mens Toiletry Bag

Best Mens Toiletry Bag

As nice as a Vera Bradley bag may be for the ladies, men need something a little more practical and not so flashy. That’s why this Hokeeper design is one of the best men’s toiletry bag options! There are no gimmicks when it comes to this bag. It’s made with a sleek grey look and it has plenty of zippers to separate and store everything you need. It does work better if you need to hold a lot of little things rather than a handful of large items, though.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to take the same bottle of shampoo/body soap from your home shower on the road, you may need to keep looking for the best travel toiletry bag. The Hokeeper works best with travel-sized containers.

5. Itraveller Hanging Toiletry Bag

Itraveller Hanging Toiletry Bag

Speaking of travel-sized items, consider purchasing the Itraveller Hanging Toiletry Bag if you just want to stick to the basics. This is one of the smaller options on the list, making it one of the best toiletry bag solutions for people who don’t like to bother with too much stuff.

The Itraveller is made with practicality in mind for both men and women. It’s a standard toiletry bag with all the pockets and zippers you need, but it does have a hanging hook and a nice anti-bacterial waterproof lining. This is great if you don’t want to worry about a bit of water messing up your stuff.

6. Lavievert Toiletry Bag

Best Travel Toiletry Bag

Best Travel Toiletry Bag

Maybe you’re not as much of a minimalist as you are an over-packer. For those who feel like they need absolutely everything when they’re on the road, the best travel toiletry bag is probably this Lavievert Toiletry Bag. The main compartment in this is so big that it can fit a towel! This could be your new favorite gym accessory yet. It gets rid of having to worry about your wet towel or remembering a fresh one in the first place.

As for everything else this bag can do, there are plenty of mesh slip pockets on the inside and zipper compartments on the outside. It is a bit bigger than most of the other best toiletry bag designs listed here, but the size is worth all the storage space.

7. MONSTINA Makeup Bag


What if you don’t so much need a complete toiletry bag as you do a makeup bag? If you’re the girl who has a handful of makeup brushes and likes to take her time to look just right, the MONSTINA Makeup Bag is a must-have.

This small little case can do it all. It comes with special holders to organize your smallest eye brushes and biggest foundation brushes, too. There are mesh pockets for sponges and small things like tweezers and eyeliner. Not to mention, a special zipper area for last-minute lady emergencies.

8. ROWNYEON Portable Travel Makeup Case

ROWNYEON Portable Travel Makeup Case

The ROWNYEON Portable Travel Makeup Case is another one of the best women’s toiletry bag options to consider. Like the OR model mentioned above, it provides a space for all your makeup essentials and more. This is the bag you need if you want one single bag to hold all your beauty items and your everyday things like your toothbrush and travel shampoo/conditioner.

9. Kate Spade Jodi Makeup Bag

Best Womens Toiletry Bag

Best Womens Toiletry Bag

Here’s a thought: maybe the best women’s toiletry bag for you is a sleek little case to hold only the basics and nothing else. If you like to touch up your lipstick after lunch or you need a small holder for your feminine hygiene products, the Kate Spade Jodi Makeup Bag is for you. You’ll never feel embarrassed pulling this out in your Uber before lady’s night or just before date night. It’s chic, sleek, and makes it super easy to find everything you need.

10. Herschel Supply Travel Kit

Runner Up: Best Mens Travel Toiletry Bag

Best Mens Travel Toiletry Bag

The final option to consider as the best toiletry bag for you is the Herschel Supply Travel Kit. This is made for the man who cares about style and fashion as much as he likes to be practical and prepared.

The Herschel bag is one of the most well-made of the best men’s toiletry bag models. It makes you look smart and handsome and it keeps you looking sharp all day long, too. Throw this into your gym bag when you’re working out before going to the office and make sure you never travel without it again.

The Benefits of Having a Top-Notch Toiletry Bag

best toiletry bag

If you’re still traveling with your toiletries in zip-up plastic bags, you’re doing it all wrong. It looks tacky to pull this out of your carry-on at the airport, and it’s honestly not the best way to manage potential spills, either. You need something that can take care of all your personal belongings and look good, too. If you never thought about the value of having a nice toiletry bag before, keep reading.

Here are the top 3 benefits of having a toiletry bag.

Stress-Free Travel

Traveling is complicated enough, even for people who love adventure. Between making it to the airport on time and checking that you’ve packed all your essentials, there’s a lot to keep up with. The last thing you want is to get where you’re going only to realize you forgot your toothbrush or your shampoo spilled everywhere.

That’s where a toiletry bag comes in.

  • Having a toiletry bag makes it a lot easier to remember your self-care necessities.
  • It puts everything in one place – face wash, razor, hair care, makeup, and all.
  • Whatever your routine looks like at home, having a toiletry bag makes it easier to take it with you wherever you go.
  • Plus, you’ll have less to keep track of when your vacation begins!

Creates More Convenience Every Day

best toiletry bag

Stress-free travel doesn’t just apply to airports and train stations. If you’re always on the go, it can feel like you’re living out of a suitcase even when you’re at home. Think about it: do you pack a gym bag and a work bag every day in addition to your personal backpack or purse? Are you always taking a lot of things out of your car at the end of the day?

This is likely because you’re the kind of person who’s day never skips a beat. You go from work to working out to hanging out all at once without ever going home.

If you can relate, you definitely need a toiletry bag. This will completely change the way you live your life on the go. Having one toiletry bag with all of your essentials in it means you can easily shift gears from the gym to the office to happy hour or date night without every worrying if you’ve forgotten something for your day.

Be More Flexible

The thing about having so many things to do in a day is that it’s hard to be flexible. This applies when you’re busy at home and when you’re trying to get the most out of your vacation, too. However, something as simple as a toiletry bag can change all that. Having your toiletry bag ready to go means you can actually stay at your boyfriend’s place last minute or see what it’s like to do an overnight layover and explore an entire city in just a few hours.

These are things you may have never done on a whim before due to the planning they usually require. They don’t have to be so thought out anymore, though! All you need is a toiletry bag that you can take anywhere in order to open those doors and experience a new way of doing things.